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In his work with online reputation – proactive and reactive – William Atak has learned over the years just how important an offensive strategy is in terms of gaining greater market shares and being well equipped to deal with competitors and crises. In every sense ‘proactivity’ is a lifestyle that William Atak has chosen to specialize in when it comes to reputation and digital crises.

A good reputation is not just about having a load of positive reviews and publicity online. A good reputation is largely about having an ATTRACTIVE reputation, which ensures that your company is chosen in lieu of the competitor.

A lot of companies and private individuals do not recognize the importance of improving their online reputation and making it attractive. Instead there is a huge focus on winning market shares by competing on parameters such as price, product quality, marketing budget etc. Many people forget, however, that the customer to a large extent buys not only the product, but also the company brand.

In a crisis, your reputation is at stake. A brand – whether corporate or personal – can potentially be perceived as repulsive from that day on, and one has to make an effort to correct that.

Crisis Communication

Receive expert advice on how to best handle journalists/media and answer questions without harming your company’s brand

Reputation Mgmt.

Avoid negative online publicity through active reputation management, which strengthens your brand’s digital identity and online presence.

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