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William Atak offers to help strengthen the digital identity of companies and private individuals, handle and remove negative publicity and provide expert advice on how best to navigate a media firestorm. However, William Atak reserves the right to reject certain clients or cases. Therefore, we recommend that you either call him directly to discuss your situation or fill out the contact form.

Are you a private individual or a company in need of assistance getting bad publicity removed from the internet? Reach out to William Atak or his co-workers at ATAK A/S.

Are you interested in safeguarding your company name and your brand online? Would you like to protect your online reputation against potential negative publicity in the future? Please contact SAFEonNET®

Fill out the contact form or call William Atak directly to have an informal chat about your situation.

“Thank you for an excellent lecture about online firestorms and media crises. It was educative, relevant and delivered with elegance and a twinkle in the eye. Highly recommended.”

Jesper Ejsing, Vestas

“William Atak gave a lecture at our recent conference about Cyber Strategy, which was arranged by the IT industry and Berlingske Media. He captured the participants’ interest with a mix of profound academic insight, humor and surplus energy. For many, the demonstration of how much damage a firestorm can inflict upon the reputation of companies and private individuals was eye-opening. ATAK definitely has to be on the team the next time we discuss the EU General Data Protection Regulation.”

Gitte Gormsen, Reach Media

“William Atak’s lecture on firestorms was both insightful, thought-provoking and entertaining. The lecture was a healthy eye-opener, and I am sure that all participants gained new perspectives and tools for dealing with potential firestorms in the media – and for the pre-emptive action, that ensures that a brewing crisis does not evolve into a raging firestorm. Thanks for an exciting lecture, William.”

Petri Keto, Øernes Attraktioner

“Firestorms and negative online publicity is probably something we have all heard of, but the extent and the consequences linked to it – these are matters which William Atak most certainly manages to emphasize in his presentation! With the combination of relevant examples, strong communication skills and a solid amount of humour, William guides you through the jungle of ‘internet traps’. William provides very concrete advice on how to avoid or manage a firestorm. He communicates in a way that makes it easy for everyone to follow his presentation.”

Luise Moe Meyer, Øresundsregionen
“William provided us with examples of the negative consequences of neglecting to monitor and manage your company’s online reputation. The fact that we were given concrete tools for handling online firestorm and managing our behaviour on social media made the presentation particularly relevant for several Danish engineers, who currently hold management positions.”
Julia Sommer, Ingeniørforeningen (IDA)

“William Atak provided the VL 101 network with a very inspiring presentation with various examples of firestorms, how they were managed and what could have been handled differently. William was good at highlighting the personal angle, which many of us tend not to consider. Now I feel better equipped – perhaps mostly due to the fact that I now know whom to call if I ever find myself in a situation like that.”

Charlotte Borgensgaard, Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging

“Wiliam Atak gave an inspiring and vivid lecture on how to handle negative publicity and firestorm. He explained the modern, digital reality with its many virtual threats and provided participants with sharp observations and tangible tools. William’s personal commitment and drive gave the lecture extra power and nerve.”

Rebecca Guacan Carlosama, Symbion

“Very interesting presentation. It was very useful! The presentation provided insights into practical tools for a hectic everyday life, where it is important to focus on the primary media platforms on which our guests express themselves. In today’s world it is important to keep in mind the value of positive word of mouth – and the opposite!”

Susanne Solskov, Aalborg Zoo

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