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Keynote speaker: William Atak is Denmark’s leading expert in online media crisis (shitstorms in Denmark, respectively), Online Reputation Management, digital violations and fake news. He is also one of the leading experts on crisis communication. William is often asked by the media to comment on current media crisis and give his expert take on specific situations.

Audience: Organizations, public authorities, medium and large-sized enterprises, including management, board of executives, HR, economy, sales, PR, communication, marketing and consumer support/relations etc.

Presentation: Standard or tailor-made presentation customized to the target audience.

Duration: 1-2 hours lecture and half or whole day workshops.

Price: Price is set depending on the number of participants and your wants and needs.

Lectures & Workshops

Any employee’s private life should remain private. But how should the company and employer react when employees’ digital presence and behavior affects the workplace, company or brand? Employees expressing their personal opinions or beliefs online could potentially hurt the company. This lecture introduces to the entire organization how careless online activity can have serious and critical impacts on the company brand and value. Participants will be introduced to potential consequences regarding the workplace as well as receiving an introduction course on how to act properly online.

Primary target audience: Entire company/organization

After-work meeting focusing on the cyber bullying and harassment of employees, spouses and children in and especially outside the office. There will be an open discussion regarding explicit and implicit cyber bullying and harassment, and the consequences for the individual, their family and workplace. Specific cases will be analyzed, and participants will receive tools to handle critical situations online.

Primary target audience. Entire company/organization.

People working for any public institution are exposed to bullying and harassment, however, those threats have moved from the physical world to the digital world. This presentation uses specific case studies to analyze social media behavior and consequences. Participants will learn how to – proactively as well as reactively – handle online crises and advice employees regarding online activity.

Primary target audience: HR, department managers.

A presentation focusing on consumers / consumer-power created via social media and review sites such as Facebook, Trustpilot, Tripadviser etc. Participants will get at thorough understanding of how important online reviews are, how to handle online reviews as well as receiving vital tools on how to attract positive reviews at the expense of negative ones.

Primary target audience: Marketing-, PR- and communication department, customer service.

What is Fake News? And – if you are not prepared – how can it damage your company in a blink of an eye? If the American Presidential Election was affected by “fake news”, any Danish (or international) company is at serious risk.

Primary target audience: Top-level management, mid-level management, board, marketing-, PR- and communication department

A workshop on what online reputation management is, how to strengthen online identity proactively and how to handle online identity reactively. Participants will also receive specific tools on how to handle online shit storms and how to remove/ bury digital remnants.

Primary target audience: Experienced; often marketing-, PR- and communication department.

A lecture on how important it is to display one’s positive reputation online and send the right signal to stakeholders digitally. The presentation focuses on why every company should invest in proactive expansion online and strengthen their digital reputation, presence and identity. By doing this, companies will be steps ahead of their competitors and look more attractive for company stakeholders such as customers, current and future employees as well as investors and partners. The stakeholders’ online search patterns will be analyzed separately, thereby creating a thorough understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as a foundation to how the organization creates brand-ambassadors by taking advantage of their positive reputation on Google, social media, partners, sponsorships etc.

Primary target audience: The entire company/organization.

What is a shitstorm (media storm / media crisis)? How do you prepare for one? Why is it happening, how does it develop and how do you deal with it? This lecture focuses on the anatomy of a shit storm, “the four phases” and data by showing e.g. case stories to participants.

Primary target audience: top-level management, politicians, mid-level management, marketing-, PR- and communication department, board, trade associations.

When the board, management, communication department and additional employees are going through a shit storm and need to come through with renewed strength, collectively and individually. A 360-degree understanding of how important communication – internal as well as external – is during a digital crisis so potential damages are minimized.

Primary target audience: entire organization/company, the public authorities, top-level/mid-level management, customer service, HR, PR- and communication department.

A presentation focusing on data and how/how much bad publicity damages a company’s economy, culture and reputation online.

Primary target audience: top/mid-level management, the board, PR-, marketing- and communication department, finance department.

Cyber bullying, revenge porn and other types of online harassments that lead to low self-esteem, self-harm, anxiety, depression and stress with children and teemagers. The presentation will include specific case studies and analyze social media behavior as well as the consequences of cyber bullying. Participants will learn how to – proactively as well as reactively – handle online crises and advice children and teenagers regarding online activity.

Primary target audience: Schools and institutions, teachers, SSP (formalized cooperation between schools, social services and the police to prevent crime), parents, other personal from public institutions.

As a private person, how do you create an attractive digital presence and identity that stands out from the crowd and appeal to potential employers? Participants receives specific tools to gain a better online identity and case examples are used.

Primary target audience: unemployed, public employment agencies, job advisers.

“Shitstorms and bad publicity online is something most people are familiar with but the consequences and the scope of online crises are another story. William Atak definitely puts the two latter on your mind! With relevant examples, strong communication and a great sense of humor, William guides you through this jungle of “online traps”.  William is very concrete when giving advice to how you avoid and handle online rises – all in a very intelligible way.”

Louise More Meyer, Øresundsregionen

“William Atak’s lecture on The Perfect Shitstorm was very insightful, thought provoking and entertaining. The lecture was an eye-opener and I am confident all of the participants gained new perspectives and tools to handle future online crises. Especially the preventive measures private individuals and companies can initiate to keep negative press from gaining momentum was interesting. Thank you for an interesting contribution, William.”

Petri Keto, Øernes Attraktioner

“William Atak gave the network VL 101 a very inspiring talk with different examples on online crises, how they were handled and what could have been done differently. William presented different case studies showing how online crises can affect one’s personal life, which most of us had not thought of. Today, I feel more prepared, maybe because now I know whom to contact if this ever happens to me.”

Charlotte Borgensgaard, Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging

“Thank you for an excellent lecture on online crises. It was educational, relevant and delivered in an elegant and entertaining way. I highly recommend it.”

Jesper Ejsing, Vestas

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